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Landlords helping Landlords


Landlords, Property Managers avoid problem tenants!

Renters frequently offer far too little information about their past or present situations. We offer Equifax based Canadian credit reports to those involved in the rental industry.

Avoid fraudulent applications

Isn't it important to have all the facts? Weather you own 1 rental unit or 1000 you can verify whether your prospective tenant pays their bills on time. Get a good indication of how punctual your tenant will be. A thorough credit check and credit score can save a Landlord an enormous amount of grief and expense down the road. 

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  risk assessment score


    Find out how much of a risk your prospective tenant is.

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What's in a credit report?landlord warning signs

Credit reports contains information about a consumer's financial history and performance with credit grantors.  

Credit Scores landlord warning signs

Many Landlords use scores to help them make decisions when evaluating applications.

Credit Ratings landlord warning signs

Every piece of credit history information in your credit file is assigned a credit rating. How does your prospective tenant rate?

Credit Inquiries rental application

The number of inquiries on a credit report may be a factor in evaluating a application.

Marijuana grow ops landlord warning signs

Almost all marijuana growers use rental properties to avoid damages to their own properties producing huge profits for them. If you don't know what's going on your rental property you may be at risk! Your home insurance may be void.

The unsuspecting Landlord landlord warning signs

Warning signs, what to watch out for.  

How can you prevent fraudFraud prevention   

Recognizing inconsistencies is vital.

Important facts for Landlordsimportant fact for Landlords.

Why do Landlords need credit reports? Credit histories can be the best investment a Landlord makes.

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