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Credit reports lists inquiries, credit scores and credit ratings.


Each time a member of the credit bureau requests your file, the request is noted on your file as an inquiry.

When you apply for a loan at a bank for example, a credit inquiry is made to the credit reporting agency. If you apply at 5 banks, then your credit file will reflect that there have been 5 applications. This could send a warning sign to the next borrower you approach.

Some lenders acknowledged that the number of inquiries on a credit report are a factor in evaluating a credit application.

An inquiry shows the name of the company or individual who has requested your credit file and because each inquiry is listed on your credit report, you'll know exactly who has obtained a copy of it. Credit grantors typically request regular updates of your credit file after an account has been opened, when it is being renewed or for limit increases. You can therefore see a complete record of who has requested your credit file and when.


Check your prospective tenant's credit score and verify whether they have ever been taken to court, paid bills on time, or have any large debts which may effect their ability to pay you your rent. If you are involved in the rental management industry you can obtain your prospective tenants credit report here.


When dealing with a total stranger it's important that you have all the facts.


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