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Here is what some of our customers are saying.

I am a real estate investor with We3 Properties in Alberta.
We own a number of rental properties, and have been in business for over 3 years.
Okay, not so long, but it seems like much longer!

I am writing to your company to say thank you. Often, especially in this era of anonymity, businesses receive emails, messages, and the like with a negative perspective. Well, this is not one of them!

Your outfit, CheckFirstOnline, has been exceptional for us. I don't know how things evolve in the office of yours, who runs it, or how many, but your service to me has been efficient, fair, honest, and eye opening. You have unknowingly saved me great headache, problem tenants, and stress.

I just wanted to say thanks, and you can use this info for testimonials, or promotion, or whatever.


Chris McCallum
CEO We3 Properties

Wow! I just became a landlord, just joined your company and I am totally, totally impressed. I cannot believe the amount of info you have. Every time I have a question, you seem to have already addressed it & have an answer. Even when my question seems obscure!
Great job...kudos to all of you.
Linda T.
Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you I love the website and the services -  worth every penny!!!
Laura P.
White Rock, British Columbia.

The service has been very prompt, and really helps to select financially sound tenants.
Douglas L.
Edmonton, Alberta

From our experience, it is much wiser and safer, from the Landlord's viewpoint to do a credit check. If a tenant has nothing to hide, they should not be afraid of it. We ran a credit check for a person who hesitated, but agreed and turned out to be a considerable risk (maybe that was why the hesitation?), so we were glad for this info. Two of my coworkers who have rental units didn't get credit checks (despite my urging) and both had MAJOR problems with their tenants rent cheques, lots of headaches and now both are firm believers in credit checks. ALL people get somewhat worried when finances are being checked, so it's a natural reaction, but Landlords must protect themselves! Credit checks are the way to go.
Linda N.
Ottawa, Ontario

Thanks to your service we have great tenants!  
And, we weeded out quite a few questionables. Your service is much appreciated.
Blaise P.
Burnaby, British Columbia

LOVE your company!
Have recommended your services to many people! No. 1 in customer service!
Debbie B.
Ridgeway, Ontario

Thanks a lot... Your help was simply "wonderful"...
Sylvie H.
LÚvis, Quebec

Thank you once again for your fast and efficient work. This web-based service is really ideal. Hope you are there to stay!
Lucie G.
Ottawa, Ontario


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