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The Tenant Screening Process



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Every landlord wants a tenant who pays their rent on time and respects their property. Tenant screening is very important in the rental process. Renting to the wrong applicant can be a very expensive mistake.

So how do you select a responsible tenant? The best way to find these tenants is through some basic tenant screening techniques.

A good
Lease or Rental Application and a credit report are important tools for good tenant screening.

First make sure the application includes questions that you feel are important to renting to the person. It is very important that the application be filled out completely. Honest applicants will be happy to answer all your questions.

Once you've ordered the
credit report you can begin to verify the information your the prospective tenant provided. By comparing the information on the credit report to the information on the application, you can determine if your prospective tenant has been truthful with you or not.

Part of your screening process should also include contacting all references including the previous Landlord and the current Employer.
Verify their work history including the length of employment, position and income.  Then make sure their work history matches up with their residence history.

Identity theft is on the rise. Take extra measures to ensure the identity of the person.

Ask to see appropriate ID for example:

  • Social Insurance Number

  • Photo ID such as their driver's license.

  • A recent pay stub

  • Utility bill

  • Telephone bill

Make sure the signatures on the applicant’s ID matches the signatures on your rental application.

Many problems can be eliminated with a good screening process. As a landlord you have the legal right check your prospective tenants credit report.

A tenants credit history can alert you to potential problems and provide you with crucial information your applicant may otherwise be trying to hide.


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