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Member understands that it is FREE to become a Member.

The member certifies that he/she is a Landlord/Apartment Owner/Resident Manager or Property Manager and has a permissible purpose for obtaining credit reports and that the business operation for which this application is being made is one of rental property. The member agrees to request credit reports for the member's exclusive use and for the purpose of evaluating and verifying their prospective tenant's credit worthiness only.
The member certifies that he/she is not a detective agent/company, law firm, third party repossession company, pawn shop, credit repair clinic, bail bondsman, subscription service (magazines, book clubs, record clubs, etc.) company or individual involved in spiritual counselling, genealogical or heir research firm, attorney or paralegal firm, news agency or journalist, company that locates missing children, tattoo service, massage service or reseller and is not involved with any of the following activities: check cashing, credit repair, dating service, adult entertainment or insurance claims.

The member agrees to obtain authorization from the prospective tenant prior to requesting a credit report from the company. The member agrees to hold the contents of credit report in strict confidence and further agrees not to disclose the contents or provide a copy of the credit report to any other person including the prospective tenant. The member will refer the tenant seeking to question or dispute the information relating to him or her to Equifax. The member understands that the member can NOT request their own credit report or any family or friends credit report from the company.

The member understands that the prospective tenant's credit report will be available to the member for pick-up in the members only area of this website after the prospective tenants signed authorization has been received by the company; and any verification the company may deem necessary has been completed. The member understands that the credit report will be available in the members only area of the website for 7 days.

The member certifies that he/she is not a business that operates out of an unrestricted location and the member agrees that he/she will take every precaution to protect the end-user information and to keep equipment used to access Equifax data (desktop PC, laptop PC), as well as any hard copy data, in a secure location. Any Equifax data accessed and used by a business must be securely stored in locked cabinets and protected at all times from view and/or access by persons not associated with the business. The member acknowledges liability and responsibility for protecting any and all Equifax data received from the company.

The membership shall continue for 1 year and will be automatically renewed as long as the member complies with this agreement. The company reserves the right to periodically update this agreement and the member agrees to be bound by any and all modifications to this agreement. By continuing to hold an account with the company the member agrees to provide the company with updated contact information and/or any other update information the company may request.

The company hereby agrees to provide its qualified members that have been verified and credentialed with Equifax credit data in accordance with the members account type. The member hereby acknowledges that the company makes no warranty express or implied that it will meet the members needs and that the company cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of credit reports and accepts all information "AS IS" The member understands that information including scores will only be provided if available form Equifax.

The company, its owners, directors or employees will not be held liable in any way for any loss or injury to the member as a result of obtaining any credit reports or other information from the company. The member agrees to save and hold the company, its owners, directors and employees harmless and indemnify them from any claims, damages, losses or costs arising from the disclosure of any personal/credit information.

The member agrees to be responsible for the performance and availability of the member's computer system, browsers, updates and programs necessary to communicate with this website. The company will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by mail interruption, equipment failure, power outages or any other disruption beyond the companies control.

Silver Star Membership - No inspection is required

Gold Star Membership - In compliance with EQUIFAX Credit Bureau Policy all Landlords or Property Managers whether commercial, home based or not must first complete a physical on-site inspection of the premises where the tenant screening is conducted. The Member agrees to pay for the cost of the on-site inspection in advance. The cost of the on-site inspection is $ 59.95 CAD Total. The payment shall be made by Credit Card or Interac. Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard or American Express. The Member understands and agrees that the on-site inspection fee is non refundable. The inspection will be conducted by a Certified Agent TrendSource authorized by Equifax \ ensure that all personal information is kept secure. The Member agrees to be responsible for providing the correct contact and address information and to honor the set appointment time. The company is not responsible where the member cannot be verified (office closed, door locked, no answer, incorrect contact and address information) or any other circumstances beyond the companies control.

The Member acknowledges that it is a criminal offence to obtain information by fraudulent means. The company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership if in its sole opinion the member is not complying with this agreement.

The Member hereby acknowledges that the Company is a Member of Equifax Canada Inc. entitled to receive information from the latter. From time to time, in accordance with the agreement reached between The Member and Company, and for the purpose of obtaining Credit information on prospective Tenants, the Member will require from the Company information obtained from Equifax Canada Inc. At no time will the Member request information from Company without having in advance obtained a manifest, informed and specific consent from the individual concerned, in accordance with applicable laws;
The Member will only use the information pertaining to an individual and received from Company to verify the credit worthiness of the person and in accordance with the authorization given by the person;
The Member will not convey information received from Company to any third parties;
The Member will take all measures necessary to ensure the security and the confidentiality of information received from Company and will only allow its representatives, agents and employees to read the contents for the purposes necessary to perform their duties;
Without restricting the aforementioned obligations, insofar as information is concerned, the Company and the member undertake to respect all obligations imposed by any applicable law as well as those imposed by any regulation passed pursuant to the applicable law and to respect every obligation incumbent upon him pursuant to any applicable law or regulation;
This agreement does not cancel or supersede the service agreement reached between Company and the member before the signing of this agreement or any service agreement previously reached between the parties unless they are incompatible with this agreement, or unless otherwise agreed to between the parties; We acknowledge that should we not abide by the terms of this agreement, then Equifax Canada Inc will have cause of action against us to assure compliance;