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Warning Signs


Avoid Problem Tenants!         


What should you watch out for if you suspect drug activity going on in your rental?



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  • Tenants who pay rent in cash and while having no known source of income.

  • Drive expensive cars and use cell phones & pagers.

  • Covered windows, covered with black plastic, heavy curtains pressed against windows, make shift covers such as bed sheets or blinds that are tightly shut and pressed against the windows.

  • Condensation on the windows.

  • A strong, skunk-like odour mixed with a sweet smell.

  • Chemical odor coming from the house, apartment, garage or detached building.
    Ventilation equipment , humming or fan noise.

  • Tenants who are reluctant to allow landlords to inspect their rented property.

  • Tenants who arrangements to meet landlords away from the property to pay rent or discuss problems.

  • Tenants appear secretive about their activities.

  • Frequent visitors for short periods of time.

  • Frequent late night activity.

  • Discarded equipment and garbage bags are regularly carried in and out.
    Garbage has numerous bottles and containers such as, acetone, methanol, rubbing alcohol, sodium hydroxide, ether, paint thinner, ammonia, etc.

  • Equipment lying around the yard such as containers, pots, wiring, soil and PVC piping.

  • Metal drums and boxes with labels removed or spray painted.

  • Localized power surges or decreased power.
    Hydro meters have been tampered with or consumption is unusually high.

  • "Beware of Dog" or "Guard Dog on Duty" signs.

  • Radio or television left on 24 hours a day.

  • News papers or flyers left in mailbox or on the front step.

  • Children’s toys and bikes laying around without children living or seen at the residence.



Check your prospective tenant's credit score and verify whether they have ever been taken to court, paid bills on time, or have any large debts which may effect their ability to pay you your rent. If you are involved in the rental management industry you can obtain your prospective tenants credit report here.