Landlord Credit Reports  
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Why do landlords need credit reports?



Avoid Problem Tenants!




Whether you own multiple apartment units or a single rental home, being a successful Landlord can be quite a challenge!



A prospective tenants credit history can be the best investment you ever make especially 

in today's society where it is increasingly important to know who is occupying your rental property.

Checking your prospective tenants credit can provide you with crucial information your applicant may be trying to hide and can be an excellent way to cross check information and alert you to potential inconsistencies in their application.



Drugs and marijuana grow ops are becoming a growing problem for Landlords.

A credit history report can be an affordable insurance against a potentially problem tenant.


If you don't know what's going on, you may be at risk!



Tenants come and go, sometimes leaving your home unoccupied and open to vandalism. Research shows that some tenants move every couple of months and never pay their rent, often leaving the rental unit in need of extensive repair. So what are some of the warning signs?

Some tenants simply "skip out" leaving Landlords stuck with unpaid rent. Many Landlords have little or no recourse, making it hard or near impossible to evict these tenants or collect for unpaid rent and damages. Often, even one month of rental income loss can put a financial strain on you and far too often the security deposit does not cover all the damages done to your home. So what can a Landlord do?


When dealing with a total stranger it's important that you have all the facts.

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